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Start building better today.

Are you ready to work with some of the best in the business? Contact us today to start your next commercial concrete project.






Experience Modification Rate (EMR)


Man Hours Without A Lost Time Incident

Two Time

Kentucky Gov. Safety Award Winner


Safety is a core value and is our culture at East & Westbrook. We couldn’t build a lasting foundation for our concrete construction company without upholding the most rigid safety standards. Not just because it’s the law but, because it is the right thing eliminating injuries for team members, for the sake of their families and our clients. We take the trust our team and our clients place in us seriously. Our clients depend on East & Westbrook to work in their environment safely and with minimal disruption. Safety is one of the three pillars that supports our company’s foundation of Safety – Quality – Performance. We are always working to execute our safety program and ensure that all people, equipment and property are protected before and during every concrete construction, repair and maintenance project.

East & Westbrook has achieved a high level of safety consciousness and is proud of its achievement in incident prevention. As long as the possibility exists for even one person to suffer injury or illness we will continue to stress and strive for safety improvement.

It is our goal to eliminate incidents and illnesses from our operations for these reasons:

  1. Conducting a high performing safety program abates human suffering by injury, illness or loss of life and allows team members to continue to work, succeed, and provide for their families.
  2. A good safety record reflects positively on the quality of management, supervision and all employees.
  3. Safe work serves as an integral part of quality control, cost control, job efficiency, planning and execution that leads to the growth and success of E&W and our team members.

“The mission of E&W is to achieve the highest standards for Safety, Quality, and Performance to ensure we can be the employer of choice for our team members and the contractor of choice for our customers.”

Before a safe construction project begins, we line out the scope of the job and establish safety requirements for all phases of the project. We host all-hands safety meetings per project and continue daily job briefings each morning before work begins. We conduct ongoing safety inspections and closely monitor the safety performance of our crews and subcontractors. We address and correct any issues promptly. Team members  must adhere to all safety policies and use required personal protective equipment at all times.

In fact, planning begins as soon as a potential team member applies. Applicants are pre-screened and immediately subject to compliance with our substance abuse program and background checks.  All new team members must complete a comprehensive training program before stepping foot on our projects, that includes over twenty hours of Safety Education and Training. Our safety training is reinforced through weekly safety focuses, routine safety audits,  as well as ongoing training and updates.

If you have any questions regarding safety

The intent of the Safety Department is to strategically partner with each team member at E&W as well as our clients. Our Safety Department will be available to assist, develop, train and engage our team members and our clients’ skilled workforce in all aspects of safety on and off the job. Our expectation is to be incident free and our goal is to be known industry wide for our safety excellence.

All of our safety professionals are here to support our team members and clients to help ensure our projects have the right tools, knowledge and resources to complete the work safely every day.

The safety department can be reached by phone at (502) 222-0303.