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Start building better today.

Are you ready to work with some of the best in the business? Contact us today to start your next commercial concrete project.


Team Member Spotlight - UPDATE

Fabian Fernandez

East & Westbrook works by the three core values of Safety, Quality & Performance—each of them acting as a pillar keeping us honest and going home safe. Meaning, we work hard to perform work as promised, on time and at a quality that exceeds expectations. Doing the aforementioned safely means we can go home proudly to our family. This is where our returning-Team Member Spotlight recipient, Fabian Fernandez, comes in. When interviewing for this piece two of Fabian’s responses stuck out:

What are you most looking forward to in your career at East & Westbrook?

“Going as far as I can make it.”

What are you most proud of?

“My family and the job that I do.”

This is a man that is excited to talk about his job well done and his “most beautiful” wife and kids. This is everything that we are excited about at East & Westbrook.

It was the year 2000 when Fabian Fernandez first moved to the United States from his native country, Mexico. One of Fabian’s close friends suggested that he apply with East & Westbrook. The lifelong career path that E&W could offer piqued Fabian’s curiosity but, he had little experience with the superlative construction work that E&W excels in. What he did have, however, was an enthusiastic desire to learn. This eagerness, coupled with his relentless work ethic prompted Fabian to apply for a position with the company, regardless of previous experience. His career began shortly thereafter.

The last time we featured Fabian was in 2015. While a lot has changed and we all have earned a few more scuffs on our hard hats since then, not a ton has changed with how Fabian approaches life. He’s ready each day to work hard with a smile, saying “E&W has stayed by my side through a lot, I have been with the company over 12 years now”. Except there has been one BIG change that deserves celebration. This time, Fabian is featured as Foreman. The very same guy who came in with little experience in industrial & commercial construction is now an authority in the matter. Each and everyday that Fabian comes to work he has team members looking up to him for guidance and answers.  

“I love my job. Yeah I get frustrated with my job but I know at the end of the day they will take care of me. Even when I was going through getting my permanent residency and being stuck in Mexico for 3 months ”, Fabian said in reference to his new position.  Some may shy away from extra responsibility but, not Fabian. The resiliency and positivity in his statement radiates on his face each and everyday, working past hurdles and mistakes—making a learning opportunity of each. “Always try to keep a smile on your face,” he says sincerely.

Away from his work duties, Fabian has his eyes set on China, “it’s my top bucket-list adventure” he says. Meanwhile, back in the United States, Fabian is a family man through and through, “we have a spoiled rotten 14 year old girl who thinks she knows everything and I also have a 25 year old step son”, who he sits down with to watch a good Western on tv any chance he can get.

It’s evident that Fabian has carved out quite a career for himself at E&W, a challenging yet satisfying one that enables him to learn and satisfy his desire to work hard while also having time to spend with his loved ones.

Best trick to get the job done?

“Thinking before you act.”

Favorite pastime?

“Playing on my phone and watching basketball.”

What is your tool of choice?


Cold or hot?

“Cold weather.”

Car/Truck? Brand?

“Ford Truck.”

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