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Start building better today.

Are you ready to work with some of the best in the business? Contact us today to start your next commercial concrete project.



Parking Garage Construction

Constructing a 3-Story Building with Radius Walls and a Below Grade Parking Garage

3 Levels

Concrete Floor Slabs

12 Car

Below-Grade Parking Garage

7,000 ft²

Structural Slabs

KOMSA Building / Parking Garage

E&W Shores up Parking Solution for KOMSA

In many cases, particularly in urban areas where a property’s footprint is limited, constructing an on-site parking lot to meet building code for a commercial building is not an option. In these circumstances, a below-grade parking structure underneath the facility can solve the problem of parking for building tenants and workers. Such is the situation in which Kentucky Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Associates (KOMSA) found themselves.

When KOMSA needed more parking than their new property would allow, their design team made a lower level parking garage part of the building plan. The 3-story building design also included tall structural walls, a two-way structural slab poured on a shored deck, and some unique architectural features such as a radius building wall and ramp/retention structure. East & Westbrook’s extensive experience with structural concrete and single-level parking garages lent itself nicely to this project, and we were selected as the commercial concrete contractor.

Understanding that no other trade contractors could begin work until the primary building structure (mostly concrete) was finished, E&W worked diligently to complete the initial concrete construction phase in just over 5 months. While the structural elements were critical to the building, E&W’s quality of work was at a high standard to compliment the stunning look of this multi-level facility. The team first excavated the site before building the sub-grade parking structure, which included a winding access ramp and ramp retaining walls for the basement garage. The E&W crew then constructed the radius building, 3 levels of concrete floor slabs, elevator shaft core walls and stair towers before concluding the project with paving, curbs and other finishing touches.

The KOMSA building construction is just one of several successful single-level parking structures that E&W has completed, with below-grade structures quickly becoming one of our company’s specialties.

Parking Solutions for Norton Commons 4-Story Building

One of our most recent projects involves a 4-story building construction with below-grade parking in the Norton Commons area of Louisville, Kentucky. Similar to other single-level parking projects, the size of the property limits the company’s ability to add additional structures. The Norton Commons’ site is extremely tight, which presents challenges throughout all phases of the project, but particularly during excavation, where driven shoring is required to safely protect the banks of the parking garage basement until concrete walls are formed and poured.

Scheduled for completion in 2016, the Norton Commons building will feature elevator shafts and stairwells formed and poured using a climbing slip-form system, basement parking, support columns, a structural concrete deck and multiple concrete slabs poured on metal deck.

If you have a project with structural concrete or need someone to consult on below grade parking structures, E&W has the project experience to help find the best solutions for you.

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Jonathan has over 20 years experience with East & Westbrook in various roles. He has worked in the field, the accounting department and as a project manager on several jobs. As the President of the company, he continues to be directly involved with clients and their projects, focusing on industrial and substation work more than anything else.

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