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Start building better today.

Are you ready to work with some of the best in the business? Contact us today to start your next commercial concrete project.


Wash Bay Expansion

Pilgrim's Pride Chicken Plant

Quick turnaround helps global chicken manufacturer ramp up production

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22,000 ft²

wash bay expansion building

3 month

project deadline

12" thick

concrete slabs

Food Processing

Getting three months’ worth of work done in two months is no easy task. But, thanks to a combination of experience, tenacity, and trusted partnerships, our team was able to pull it off during the late fall/winter months of 2016-2017.

As the second largest producer of chicken worldwide, Pilgrim’s Pride is a globally recognized name that gained even more prominence when Costco invested millions so they could process chicken and distribute it exclusively through their warehouses. As such, East & Westbrook was contracted by Whiting-Turner Contracting Company to help expand the Pilgrim’s Pride plant in North Carolina to meet the new production goals for Costco. The ambitious expansion project came with a strict deadline and we were challenged to complete our portion of the project within a tight 3-month window.

With the fast-approaching deadline, our team quickly got to work in November 2016. Construction took place right in the heart of a multi-million dollar facility operating 24 hours a day, which presented some unique scheduling challenges. Our team proceeded with confidence, working increasingly odd hours – sometimes pouring slabs overnight – and always in the midst of constant external traffic and production. To complete the job, the crew worked 6-7 day work weeks, often working 12 to 14 hours each day.

The project itself was a 22,000 ft² wash bay expansion building for the plant’s recently implemented CO2 chambers. East & Westbrook’s work consisted of shallow foundations, 12” thick concrete slabs, extensive integral trenches, elevated slabs, interior CIP walls, site concrete, and demolition work. With the help of East & Westbrook, the project was ultimately finished by mid-January, one month ahead of schedule.

A Multi-Team Effort

Having worked together on projects in the past, the Whiting-Turner team was quite familiar with our exceptional track record of meeting deadlines with the highest quality work. We were honored to be trusted with such a massive yet time-sensitive project, and thankful that so many notable contractors consider us a reliable and dependable construction partner.

This ambitious project was yet another testament to the focus and integrity of East & Westbrook’s team.

This was quite the challenge, but with your willingness to persevere and helping us to reach our goal, we surprised many people. We have not only pleased a client, but potentially opened the door for future work in this industry. It must also be said, that Duane and his crew deserve praise for their tireless efforts and daily hurtles that sometimes pushed them to their limits.

David L. DeVaun, Whiting-Turner Project Manager
Ethan Althaus - East & Westbrook Project Manager Headshot

Meet the Project Manager, Ethan Althaus

8 years' experience • BS in Civil Engineering

Ethan Althaus has had over 8 years in the construction industry. He is a civil engineer by education from the University of Kentucky and is currently a project manager and estimator at East & Westbrook. Ethan has managed very large commercial projects as well as large concrete packages throughout his career. Ethan has a proven track record of providing customers with completed construction projects on schedule and on budget as well as providing the personal attention and quality due to his talents for site planning and coordination.

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