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Distillery Facilities Construction

Concrete and Construction Solutions for Kentucky's World Renowned Bourbon Industry

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400,000+ ft²

of Barrel Storage Warehouses

5 Story

Distillery Buildings

30’ Tall

Turbine Shaft Walls

Distillery Facilities

With distilleries spread across all parts of the state, the bourbon industry is one of Kentucky’s foremost claims to fame. Headquartered in the Bluegrass State, East & Westbrook’s team of construction experts regularly tackle distillery concrete and construction projects with a variety of both local and international known brands, including Heaven Hill, Jim Beam, Woodford Reserve, and Diageo (Bulleit).

Distillery construction is often similar to the work we do in heavy industrial environments, making our team feel right at home. As such, these jobs require a high level of accuracy and safety, careful attention to detail, and skillful employees who react quickly to shifting changes and demands throughout potentially lengthy projects, or within a compressed time frame. Distillery projects also require coordination of concrete work through process piping, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing scopes. Additionally, typical distillery foundations and slabs are quite substantial and heavily reinforced to withstand the loads of large tanks and process equipment.

Recent Work

Working with various clients throughout the years, we’ve completed a large array of distillery-related projects. For Diageo (Bulleit) East & Westbrook constructed 3 barrel storage warehouses totaling 165,000 ft², a pump house featuring 30 ft turbine shaft walls, and a 60,000 ft², 5-story distillery as well. Additionally, we managed the installation of insulated metal panels and roofing for the distillery building, utility building and turbine/pump house building. Due our continued reliability as a distillery sub-contractor, we look forward to the construction of yet another new 55,000 ft² barrel warehouse, scheduled for completion in 2016.

Woodford Reserve, another fine Kentucky bourbon brand, needed an efficient and experienced commercial concrete contractor to install drilled caissons, turn-down slabs and provide a quality finish for the warehouse floors. E&W was the selected concrete contractor to construct two 90,000 ft² barrel storage warehouses and a 30,000 ft² barrel transfer building.

By playing such a substantial role in the creation and preservation of new and existing distilleries around Kentucky, East & Westbrook does its part to preserve one of the state’s greatest traditions. The team is very proud to be a part of the booming bourbon industry in Kentucky.

What really sets East and Westbrook apart are their values, a great reputation and a long history of experience and industry expertise. I prefer to work with East and Westbrook whenever possible.

Greg Buccola, Luckett & Farley - Structural Services Market Director
Ethan Althaus - East & Westbrook Project Manager Headshot

Meet the Project Manager, Ethan Althaus

8+ years' experience • BS in Civil Engineering

Ethan Althaus has had over 8 years in the construction industry. He is a civil engineer by education from the University of Kentucky and is currently a project manager and estimator at East & Westbrook. Ethan has managed very large commercial projects as well as large concrete packages throughout his career, including for distilleries. Ethan has a proven track record of providing customers with completed construction projects on schedule and on budget as well as providing the personal attention and quality due to his talents for site planning and coordination.

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Vacant Warehouse Storage

Woodford Reserve's Barrel Storage Facility

Outside Shot of Concrete Walls at Woodford Reserve Distillery

Exterior Concrete Walls at Woodford Reserve Distillery

Large Empty Barrel Storage Warehouse After Completion of Construction

Massive Barrel Storage Warehouse Ready for Bourbon

Outdoor Shot of Two Side-By-Side Distillery Warehouse Foundations

Two 90,000 ft² Distillery Warehouse Foundation

Overhead aerial view of Woodford Reserve Distillery construction site

Aerial View of the Woodford Reserve Distillery in Progress

East & Westbrook Construction Crew Hard at Work Outdoors on Distillery Facility Construction

East & Westbrook Crew Hard at Work

The Diageo Distillery Construction Site In-Progress

The Diageo Distillery Site in Progress

The Inside of One of Diageo's Warehouses

One of Diageo's 55,000 ft² Warehouses

Preparing for Concrete Slabs Outside at the Diageo Distillery

Preparing for Concrete Slabs at The Diageo Distillery

Jim Beam Brands, Concrete

Jim Beam Brands Distillery